Changing perceptions about leadership in Nigeria

Michael Gowon, who lives in Nigeria, wears three hats! He is the Director of Planning, Research and Statistics (DPRS) of Nigeria’s Plateau State Universal Basic Education Board, the Pastor of Jesus Revelation Assembly in Jos and the General Secretary of the Jesus Revelation Global Ministry. And, if that wasn’t enough, he’s also a student on DAI’s MA in Christian Organisational Leadership, which, he says, has taught him to be a servant leader rather than an overbearing boss, both in his office work and in the church. He says:

DAI has truly changed my perception about leadership, integrity and the role of women in ministry.  I will ensure I transfer this new-found understanding to as many as I can find around me, in my office, at church and in society

Michael’s new-found leadership skills have helped him to better lead his team through effective management and decision-making. He says:

“What I have learned on the course has helped me a lot in discharging my assignment in the church and in the office. Knowing that everyone can be a leader regardless of their temperament was a revelation to me. Discovering my behavioural style now helps me to relate with others in my team, office, and church. It is much easier understanding who they are and what they are capable of doing”

He also explains how the Strategic Management course, one of the 12 modules students on the MA course have to study during their 3 years, impacted him:

“The course provided me with fresh insights in developing innovative and change management plans. As the Chief Planning Officer of my organization, what I have learned about strategic planning is helping me ask relevant question”

Michael also says that the MA course has helped him to be a better listener, especially with his wife, and it has helped him to recognize there is a lesson in every experience:

“In everything we are involved in, we [should] deliberately insist on a takeaway, a lesson we have learned, and what we intend to do for the better. This is making me more productive and effective as I am no longer only a listener, but I am also an avid doer of what I read and hear. The courses have corrected my worldview, and today what stands out for me is the truth that the Bible is complete and perfectly clear in its teachings”

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