Serving for Human Dignity, Not Authority

Kashif, an MAOL student, Pastor, and General Secretary of a Church denomination in Pakistan, shares how servant leadership is not only a style of leadership, but a daily commitment to treat others in a way that suits human dignity. It is not enough to simply have authority over others, but to serve them in a way that supports the community.

“I can say that my perspective of leadership has turned upside down during my studies. I have been tempted to take a position of prestige, but I have learned to take my current responsibility as a gift and opportunity from God to serve others. I try my best to give respect to every single person I interact with. The feedback is encouraging to me.”

“My leadership style has become more like a team-player. I delegate authorities to others and give them credit for their achievements. Although there is still much need of transformation, there is no longer an appetite to show off.”

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