North America

This region, comprised of USA and Canada, has a population of over 348 million.* The US immigrant population stands at about 13% – and is growing by 1% a year. In Canada these numbers are almost double. The Middle Eastern immigrant population increased by 13% which translates to 207,758 more immigrants between 2010 and 2013.**  Unrest caused by the Arab Spring and other turmoil in the region resulted in the significant exodus from the region. According to the Arab American Institute there are nearly 3.5 million Arab Americans living in the US.

Everything in the Middle East is about relationships and this is not any less true among the Arabic speaking communities of North America. We believe that these communities have much to offer the body of Christ in North America and  the world of missions both locally and outside of the USA.

*Source: Operation World **Census Bureau

2,089Non-Formal Education




North America leaders who participated in DAI programs in 2015.