Our Vision, Mission and Values

DAI UK's Vision

DAI UK’s Vision: Partnering with others to change the culture of Christian leadership so that Christian leaders are known for:

  • servant leadership and humility
  • leading effective learning organisations 
  • demonstrating integrity and accountability
  • commitment to a lifetime of spiritual formation 
  • doing justice as demonstrated by ministries that result in social transformation

DAI UK's Mission and Values

DAI’s Global Mission: To enhance the integrity and effectiveness of Christian leaders worldwide so that the Church fulfils its role in extending God’s Kingdom. For us in the UK this means that: 

DAI UK is passionate about growing effective servant leaders in the UK, Europe, Asia and worldwide.

DAI UK Values: We are committed to acting in a way that is:

  • Relevant to others: we will strive always to be appropriate to the culture and context of those with whom we work
  • Responsive to others: we will be sensitive to the changing needs and circumstances of those with whom we work
  • Partnering with others: we will work with others to progress our common objectives and in so doing we will demonstrate servant leadership and faithful stewardship

DAI UK is a registered charity no. 1115741 and a Company Limited by Guarantee No. 50750186
DAI UK registered address at 25 Gordon Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 3RG

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